NTX PowerMonitorLive can help you save electricity and save money. With your phone, you can view your real-time electricity status, anytime and anywhere.

charge status
Power supply uptime
dissipation of battery power
Instantaneous power consumption (Watts)
aggregated charge level
Energy consumption (kWh)
charge level
Electricity costs (Naira)

Every organization wants proper accountability for fuel purchased. Our PowerMonitorLive™ GTK solution makes it easy to remotely monitor your generator’s runtime and fuel consumption. You can access this data from anywhere you are and generate reports any time; daily, weekly or monthly. When automatically done, remote monitoring can help any company prevent fuel thefts, plan timely refueling and improve asset maintenance.

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GTK Powermonitorlive

Giving you control

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Our GTk Powermonitorlive enables remote login to view real-time generator stats:

fuel consumption
Daily Fuel consumption reports
run time reports
Daily Runtime Reports
power on/off
Daily power ON/OFF reports
Maintenance alerts
fuel level
Real-time fuel level measurement
Need refuel
Run-time left before needing to refuel

Battery Monitoring

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Having an inverter enables you provide backup power without a generator. However, keeping your batteries charged up and monitoring realtime battery status can be critical for some power installations. Our BTK powermonitorlive makes it easy to monitor your battery’s charge status and runtime remaining.
charge level
Individual Battery charge level
charge status
Battery charge status
dissipation of battery power
Runtime left before complete dissipation of battery power
aggregated charge level
Aggregated Battery charge level


charge level
Generator Monitoring
charge status
Grid Monitoring
dissipation of battery power
Battery Monitoring
All elements of the Powermonitorlive can be customized to your specific needs